Codec Shift is the alter ego production partnership for house producer Alistair Albrecht and hip hop/scratch DJ Greg Lakin. Both established DJs in their own genres they felt the undertow tug them towards one of their true pleasures, deep and dark foreboding techno. With a wealth of studio experience between them and an established pedigree as producers, their first release Mean Motion was a deep track with a tech house feel. Picked up by Digital London Label Big Love in the Summer of 2009, it was an instant hit on the download charts and soon at the front of every tech DJ’s box pushing the 1st release for the guys into the No.1 Tech house download position on Beatport.

This double A sider is one of those great serendipitous convergences that happen to us now and then. One of many many demos sent to our undersea command centre, Codec Shift actually had the 'thing'. We have a single A&R direction here: "Make it weirder". Most people don't. Codec Shift simply went back and some months later delighted us all with a couple of corkers that sit perfectly in our catalogue.

Viper Room is pure laid back sleaze with a frankly enormously well endowed freak-riff vicar. Glacial, ominous and persuasive... this monster wants your daughters mummy.

Cyrus One is not only VVWI's favourite 80's amplifier it is also a space age groover rolling around in zero gravity trying to collect all the percussion that fell out of the locker on take off. About half way through the good ship enters a dark nebula and all the readings go off the scope.

Pray for our brave crew and eject the core please engineering.

Yours from the sci-fi convention (dressed as Jason and the Argonauts),<br />
The VVWI Team

You can preview these tracks on the Veryverywrongindeed website.

Viper Room / Cyrus One is out NOW, and available from:

DJ Feedback:
"Loving the groove in Viper Room and the high pitch lead pad in Cyrus One. Also the artwork is amazing " - Timo Garcia
""Cyrus One" is a Great Track!" - Lars Wickinger
"Great!!" - Anderson Noise
"Very very nice indeed!" - Max Cooper
"Very energetic, Lovin Cyrus One!" - DJ Earthian (Animaltek)
"More cool edgy darkness- Liking this - Playing" - Orde Meikle (Slam)
"Like the viper room track - Well mad - Well into it!" - Murray Richardson
"Both cool for me. Viper Room solid tool" - Chris Fortier (Fade Records)
"Digging the Viper Room vibes." - Raymundo Rodriguez (Jaded / Wrong)
"Viper Room nice Trax....Full Support!!!!!" - Dyno
"So good. Both tracks are killer tunes. Effective and elegant. Will play for sure." - Manuel Perez
"Great production, will be playing out 'Viper Room' this weekend, both tracks have full support." - Schadenfreude
"I like Cyrus One." - Generik
"Liking the dark and groovy elements of both. In the 'box'!" - Deboa (Bastard Batty Bass)
"Yep, I'm a bit of a VVVW fan ain't I. Viper Room's le mien" - Jonty Skrufff (
"Viper Room is the one here" - Miss Nine
"Both of these tracks are BOMBS!!" - Lewis Ryder
"Excellent! Love both tracks very very much 10/10" - Mateo Murphy
"Both tracks interesting" - Zak Frost
"Cool release, both trax a little bit deep, a little bit dark a little bit twisted... thanks " - Mr Henry Von
"This is slinky and slick with some dark and sticky bits." - The Cheese Detective
"Perfect record to kick off the weekend. Love the deepness of Viper room... It's spookily good. Cyrus One wobbles in all the best ways..." - Paul Zimmerman (The POP! Stereo)
"Very very cool indeed!!" - StereoK
"These tracks belong in the world we live in today - awesome " - Salvador Guzman (
"Love the Viper Room! Massive track!" - Erik Buis (Beats and Beyond)
"Viper Room. Support." - Adam Symbiosis (
"Guys - I LOVE your label - always quality, rough stuff." - Brian Ffar (Siteholder Records, Chicago)
"VVWI as a label push a sound that is always forward thinking. Nice dark overtones and subtle dark beats with a big room sound." - Daniel Sykes (Viva Music / RT&Eacute; Pulse)
"Dark and sick! Thank you. " - Oli Cassidy (Filth & Splendour)
"Loving Viper Room - Melodic & atmospheric just what I like!" - Simon Ledder (WEPLAYMUSIC blog)
"Viper room will get plays from me. Nice wierdness with a good groove" - Louis Osbourne (RT&Eacute; Pulse)
"Cyrus one is the one for me, but viper Room is amazing too! Will support." - Colin John
"These are v dark and v nice! Will be on these." - Danny Graham (Tokio Recordings)
"Nice solid chuggy tackle" - Russell Deeks (iDJ)
"Viper Room has a hypnotic groove that should be perfect for The Chillcast!" - Anji Bee (The Chillcast)
"Great tracks. Will play on the radioshow and clubs" - Tocadisco
"Excellent quality productions - I will be supporting. Top notch. Love Cyrus One" - Mark Kavanagh (The Star - Dublin)
"Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful!" - DJ Dextress
"Lovely lovely stuff - keep 'em coming VVWI!!" - Andy G (ElectricSex / Disco Deviant)
"Dark and smooth. Will play both. Viper Room is the one for me and my love for Wrongness increasingly continues with this tasty killer Codec Shift release." - Christopher &Ccedil;olak (Dinamo 103.8 FM / Acik Radio 94.9FM - Turkey)
"What a great EP!! Dark & deep very nice" - Nicky Flow (Puissance 5)
"Top tracks as always from a top label. Will play for sure." - Chris Rayner (Inhale)