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    MY screenname is goreteks and have been Djing DnB for about 12 years now... hahah kinda dating myself fo sho....

    Name: goreteks
    Location: temple....sigh
    DJ/Producer/Promoter/Just listener, etc.j and producer
    Preferred genre(s) of musicnB
    Favorite DJs/bands:tech itch, dylan , gein, blokhe4d, ect, ect....
    Personal website/Soundcloud/Facebook or
    How'd you hear about us: just searchin around online trying to find out what is goin on out here n TX
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    Quote Originally Posted by goreteks View Post

    Location: temple....sigh

    haha, damn.
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    no doubt man....seems like life moves pretty slow here.......
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    in the hearts of many....
    DJ Mix Downloads
    welcome aboard
    its just alil slow on the weekend
    Event Pictures! -

    Newest Mix -
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    Oh i wasnt dmeaning on the forum, just in temple hahah

    ---------- Post added at 09:38 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:37 PM ----------

    here is a mix....
    Goreteks-"TrodPint" Live New Years Eve 2010
    1. Dimensions-Technical Itch
    2. Evolution-Limewax
    3. One of Them (Current Value Rmx)-Limewax
    4. 1000 Prayers (SPL Rmx)-TZA
    5. It will Be DIfferent-SPL
    6. Quad-Technical Itch & Trace
    7. The Cursed-Goreteks
    8. Give Up-Limewax
    9. Icicle (Skimask VIP)-Limewax
    10.Empire-Limewax & The Panacea
    11.Kana VIP-Thought
    12.They Find Me-Donny
    14.He Will Find Us (SPL Rmx)-Limewax
    15.Sins of the Streets Revisited_SPL
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    PSN ID: JT-High Steam ID: 76561197960832403
    Welcome to the forums! Stuff picks up around here during the week. People are out at the shows during the weekends.

    Good to hear you spin DnB and you are from Denver. We actually are having Evenflo from Denver coming out to spin at Temple of Boom on the 26th here in Austin. Check out the event forums for more information and for what happens in and around in the great Lone Star State.
    MIA Texas
    Add me on FaceBook
    Click here to download my mixes.
    Bass Sessions W/ JT.High EDJ Radio Mondays @ 2pm - 4pm Central. Keep It Locked!!
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    Don Denver (aka Jahba) - "Rocky Mountain Higher (than giraffe pussy)" (ragga jungle/mash)
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    if you are the goreteks I am thinking of, I have heard your tunes. Nice work and welcome to tx <--world domination <-- The Crew
    MalasuerteDNB - Abducted Recs (USA), Phantom Htz (USA)
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    it is the same goreteks fo sho....ep available on beatport now....:P
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    a few more mixes in this forum....

    Goreteks_Studies and Observations Group (SOG) Nov.08
    1. Steppin Razor-TZA
    2. Those who Dwell Within-Nanotek
    3. The Legend (Evol Intent rmx)-Tech Itch
    4. Heavy Metal (O.G. Edit)-Tech Itch
    5. Heavy Metal (B-Key rmx)-Tech Itch
    6. Fucking Cursed-Titan Zero
    7. Soul Snatcher-Tech Itch
    8. Room237-Goreteks
    9. Face it Alone-Limewax
    10.Fearing Fear-Centaspike
    11.The Attack-Limewax
    13.Fuck the Labels-Limewax
    15.The Hand-Tech Itch
    16.Wulf-Current Value
    18.Annihilation-The Sect
    19.Shredder-Vicious Circle
    20.The Patriarch-The Sect
    21.Loose It-Spor
    22.Atlantique State (Gridlok rmx)-Tech Itch&Dieselboy

    Goreteks_16.02.08 Facs, B-key & friends Mixtape

    1. Cloned You_Facs & Scythe
    2. Mind Splinter_Facs, Scythe, & B-Key
    3. Antics_Facs & B-Key
    4. Polyglot_Facs & Scythe
    5. Amnesia_B-Key
    6. Tremble_Facs
    7. Angst_Mindmachine
    8. Element_B-Key
    9. Basskick_Dylan&Damage
    10.Bad Dreams_Facs
    13.Incendiary_Facs & VCA
    14.Lust_Faith In Chaos

    J&UNGLE MIxtapeSeries Vol1
    1. To Shape The Future (Optical Rmx)_Optical
    2. Quadrant Six (Fierce Rmx)_Dom & Optical
    3. Sphere_Trace ft. Optical
    4. Dead By Dawn (The Final Chapta)_Future Forces Inc.
    5. Metropolis(Doc Scott Rmx)_Adam F
    6. Copies_Trace
    7. Moving 808's_Optical
    8. Light Years_Cybotron Ft. Dillinja
    9. Fade 2 Black_Souljah
    10.Venus_Serve Chilled
    11.Extra Terrestrial (Dom Rmx)_Genotype
    12.Revelations_Cybotron ft. Dillinja
    13.Angry Business_Genotype

    Goreteks-J&UNGLE Vol. 4
    1. Brand New Funk-Adam F
    2. Dirty Harry (Peshay & Decoder Rmx)-Adam F
    3. Stash-Decoder
    4. The More I See You (Urban Flavour Rmx)-Hoax
    5. Serious-D.T.
    6. Soothe (Prisoners of Technology Rmx)-Furry Phreaks Ft Terra Deva
    7. This World-DJ Hype
    8. Audio Distortion-Solar Nine
    9. Rupture-Facs
    12.Chillin on the Funk-Elements of Noize
    13.Special Treat-DJ Die
    14.Aint Armand
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