NoxVita and GDP Present: HavocNdeeD! Come out Saturday April 2, 2011 for the best DUBSTEP in Austin!!!

Be there early to hear Vegas Banger VS. LeDoom / Bokator / Exceed VS. Mad Classy for the first time EVER!!

18+ are welcome! $10 pre-sales 15$ at the door!

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Like any artist making a significant amount of noise in the bass music selections of contemporary times, dubstep/glitch duo HavocNdeeD discovered a passion for electronic music in the drum & bass areas crammed back in the darkest corners of those massive raves of the 1990s. A recent collaboration between marquis U.S. disc jockeys OB-One and JPaul, they drew upon their extensive experience in the largest nightclubs of Los Angeles and Las Vegas and Chicago and Miami, the years behind drums and synths and guitars, the crate after crate after crate of every genre of music from the last 50 years, and those fond memories at the foot of giant bass bins to create a sound all their own. Their first single "Bass4YaFace" is a testament to that, creating a buzz on Beatport and getting regular spins from DJs in varying realms, from Z-Trip to Jazzy Jeff to The Next Men to Drop The Lime.

HavocNdeeD has followed-up with numerous singles to date, all well-received, and the growing reputation of the DJ-synth-drum combination of their live shows secured them slots at must-attend events over the last year, including the 420 Festival and World of Drum & Bass, and pulled them away from North America for performances in Australia and New Zealand. While the releases don the logo of their newly-forged 119 Sound label, dubstep giant Play Me Records saw their potential early on and was instrumental in their growing exposure, getting them added to iTunes and Juno. The most recent offerings are remixes for Geoffrey Paris and American Idol star Julissa Veloz, though it was a video posted by Linkin Park that holds the key for tomorrow's projects.

Drawing upon their love of classic hip-hop, HavocNdeeD felt that NWA's "Dopeman" deserved a dubstep remix, which somehow gained the attention of Linkin Park frontman Mike Shinoda, who posted a video of it on his blog doing a live remix session. When looking at possible remixers for the new album, the duo came to mind. "Our new record is more beat-driven and electronic than our past efforts, so I thought it would be a good fit", explains Shinoda. The record label contacted the duo in hopes that they might be interested in remixing an upcoming single from the #1 charted album "A Thousand Suns". They gladly accepted, dug into the challenge, & passed with flying colors. "Their remix of "Wretches And Kings" came out incredible...the bridge section is massive!" says Mr. Shinoda. Fulfilling Linkin Park's expectations for the remix, HavocNdeeD looks forward to the next opportunity to expose even the most mainstream of music fans to the elements they love about independent dance music...and make those people love it too.

Badman Bokator
Exceed VS. Mad Classy
Vegas Banger VS. LeDoom

We are adding $6,000 dollars worth of subs to MELT YOUR FACE!! Doors open at 9 so come early, get crazy, and go home with somebody else!!

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