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Thread: Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat is now FREE online

  1. #1 Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat is now FREE online 
    Usually I'm in this forum in pursuit of new sounds and promoting my music as Little Nobody, but now I have something 5.5” ◊ 8.5” in paper rather than 12" on vinyl.

    And while Melbourne may be at the other end of the globe, I wouldn't be surprised if you've never pictured it as the last city left in the world.

    Anyway, that’s the kind'a offbeat premise behind Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat, a post-apocalyptic noir novel I just had published through Another Sky Press in America. While it's true I'm an expat and have been based in Tokyo over the past 10 years, the tome is as much an homage to my old home town as it is an obsessive one to classic 1940s and ‘50s cinema.

    There're also surreal red herrings aplenty, hardboiled stuff, a healthy dose of subversive humour, and a hero cut from the same cloth as Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade – but with the chemical and alcoholic tendencies of someone straight out of an Irvine Welsh romp.

    Perhaps just as importantly, Vegemite and and even Burke & Wills put in appearances.

    If you find this in any way vaguely curious, it's actually in-stock now at some indie book shops and on Amazon.

    Even better there's a free PDF digital version you can check out online @ Another Sky - - just click on the "read before you buy" bit.
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