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Thread: New Remix! Mochipet-Black Sabbath Sweat Leaf Remix (FREE Aft

  1. #1 New Remix! Mochipet-Black Sabbath Sweat Leaf Remix (FREE Aft 

    Dedicated to his 7,000th fan on facebook, Mochipet has released another remix!
    Black Sabbath’s Sweat Leaf, Mochi-style!

    Says Mochi
    “This was one of those fun remixes I did and I wasn't originally gonna post this up but so many people hear me play it at shows and afterwards asked me for it so here you go! I hope you enjoy it.
    And if you like it spread the word, share it, and I will make it down loadable for free as soon as it hits 6666 plays. =)
    Much Love! “
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    Very nice!
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