Audiophile Live is a innovative cutting edge event and marketing company out of Dallas, TX. What makes us different from other promoters is our involvement in the scene, throughout the state, national, and world level.

We have multiple sweepstakes up at our Facebook page right now including:

- 2 Free tickets to Insomniac's Nocturnal Wonderland @ Apache Pass
- 2 Free tickets to Hardwell @ Zouk, Dallas (Drawing at 9pm tonight)
- A copy of Call of Duty modern warfare 3 (PC, Xbox, or PS3)

Last month our blog hit 44,000 hits in a month causing a bunch of server issues, we are currently rebuilding to version 2.0 to prevent this problem.

By liking the page you will be registered for a couple of prizes. Anything helps and we will be continuing to provide our music blog via our Facebook page while we redesign our web identity.

Audiophile Live Facebook Page
Sponsored By: Guitar Center, Elate Energy Drink, Prototype Platinum