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(Defected/MN2S/Klassik Fiasco) - Chicago

Over the past twenty years, Johnny Fiasco has become a legend and recognized as a true pioneer of Chicago\'s house scene. This impressive producer and remixer logs 150k plus frequent-flyer miles a year spinning at clubs and special events globally, from Seattle to Istanbul, including every major city in US. His remarkable sound can gracefully combine soulful electronic sounds, tech vibes, fundamental house, disco, and pure funk. Growing up on Chicago\'s South Side, Fiasco’s beginnings can be found at the famous club Shelter. He began pushing the boundaries as one of the pioneers of house music side by side Mark Farina at Smartbar, Lizard Lounge and the infamous Club Naked.

Today, Fiasco is one of electronic music’s top producers and remixers. His reputation as a producer has landed him work with labels such as Sony, Jive, Epic, Warner Bros, and indies such as Defected, Om Records, and Universal UK. His vast catalog includes work with artists such as Kaskade, Owl City, Rihanna, KD Lang, Gloria Estefan, Michelle Indegeochelo, Donna Blakely and Bob Sinclair. Billboard Credits Johnny Fiasco’s Samantha James \"Rise\" #1 chart position and Beatport’s #1 download in December of \'06. In 2003, one of his remixes was #1 Billboard® chart-topping dance floor rework of Justin Timberlake\'s smash single \"Cry Me A River.\" Without a doubt a Fiasco record can always be found in the hands of DJs worldwide. Current side projects also include cutting edge sound design for mobile devices and music licensing for brands such as Budweiser, Marlboro, and MTV.

Kaskade - \"A true legend that has helped define the \'Chicago Sound\' over the last two decades, respect.\"

Jimpster - \"Johnny has been rocking the spot for me ever since I discovered his ‘Conduction’ track. A seriously accomplished producer and DJ who is taking Chicago house to the next level.\"

Chuck Love - \"Johnny has always inspired me. His sound is always rock solid and he understands the music on a very deep level. He has a slammin\', modern approach, to everything he touches.”

Jon Cutler - \"Johnny\'s been way ahead of the game from back in the day and continues to make ground breaking tracks for the future.\"

Justin Long - \"Johnny Fiasco is a major part of the foundation of the house that jack built. A true wizard of the craft and 100% Chicago!\"

Mastiksoul - \"Johnny Fiasco is a living legend.\"


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(Chicago, IL – Guesthouse, Flapjack, Control, Serial Sickness)

One of the leading producers in the underground house music industry, Scrubfish has been on a nonstop journey to the top ranks of new-school house producers. In 1999, he began working on producing a jacking, multi-layered style of jazzy, funky house, that caught the eye of the underground house community. He is consistently bringing the best to the dance floors, and his production style has consistently brought his music to the top 100 charts in the EDM community. His legendary work with Nate Laurence as Scrubfish and Laurence, has proven to the greats like Derrick Carter, DJ Dan and Terry Mullen, that he has what it takes to shake that booty.

Scrubfish now continues his journey by starting his newest label, Lutefisk Records. His first release has gone to the top of the EDM charts, and is getting plays by the likes of Tommy Largo, Chuck Daniels, Craig Hamilton, and many more.

You can check out Scrubfish on these labels wherever EDM is sold - Spatula City, Flapjack records, Guesthouse Music, Control, Flatpack Traxx, Maracuja, Union, Blockhead, Sole Priority, Serial Sickness, Lutefisk Records (His label), Coyote Cuts, Cabbie Hat, & Juiced.

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One of the seminal artists in the funky disco house scene San Francisco has become known for, Jonny Phelps, under the production name Jonene, Jonny Kaboom & 65th St. Hustlers, has played a key role as an artist, promoter and producer for more than ten years.

Jonene first became involved in music in the early 80\'s as a member of several New Wave bands, including Deep Squared. He made the transition to DJing in 1992, influenced by several friends who were experimenting with electronic music, including one of San Francisco\'s most beloved house DJs, Mark Farina. He was immediately drawn to the soulful sounds of house.

\"It is infectious,\" enthuses Jonene. \"It gets into your veins.\"

Well known for his deep, funky house laden with disco beats and smooth grooves, Jonene says, \"I see my music as dark and sexy…I go from laid-back vocals to heavy bass lines to bouncy stuff. I like to keep it flowing and energetic.\"

In 1996 Jonene landed the residency that helped launch his career, performing monthly at Stompy Stomp, one of San Francisco\'s most famed house events. The monthly deep house weekly featured such residents as Tasho, Derrick Carter and Mark Farina, and it became a cornerstone of the San Francisco scene.

His exposure skyrocketed in 1997, when he landed a major sponsor in the form of Extra Strength DJ Company (ESDJCO). He became a resident at their Invitational events, giving him the chance to play alongside international talent such as Mark Grant and Little \"Little\" Louie Vega.

He continued to add residencies to his growing performance resume, including Thursdays at Kit Kat, a nearly 13-year-old weekly in San Francisco where he has been paired up with such artists as John Howard, Miguel \"Migs,\" and Garth since 1997; Wednesdays at Bug N\' Out, the longest-running Wednesday night house weekly in San Francisco, where he has maintained a residency since 1996; and the celebrated Saturday night event Release at 1015 Folsom, San Francisco, CA, where he has maintained a monthly residency since 1998.

During the late 90\'s as Jonene was beginning to amass residencies; he also began touring extensively, picking up club dates all over the U.S. and around the world, including stops at venues in Europe and the Far East.

Performing live remains his first love, \"I absorb everything that is around me, and I put that into what I am playing,\" he notes. \"I really love to feed off the energy of the crowd.\"

Always balancing a steady stream of releases with a hectic performance agenda, Jonene has released material through numerous U.S. and European outlets since 1992. His tracks have appeared on such imprints as Belgium\'s celebrated Aroma His most frequent partner has been Tony Senghore, whom he teamed up with on several remixes and EPs, along with West Coast house DJ Wally Callerio, under the moniker \"Shady Agents.\" 65th St. Hustlers consists of Jonene and newcomer Joey Youngman who are taking the scene by storm.

In 1999 Jonene and Tasho, the innovator behind Bug N\' Out and fellow Stompy resident, joined forces to form Panhandle Records, because he felt there was a \"definite void to fill of domestic house, and I thought we could really contribute to that.\" The label\'s first press, \"San Francisco DJs come home\", featured a mix of some of San Fran\'s finest house DJs, including Lance DeSardi, Miguel \"Migs\" and Gemini.

A flurry of releases followed, showcasing the funky, chunky West Coast beats he was becoming famous for, with critically acclaimed tracks from U.S. artists Mark Farina, JT Donaldson, and Tony Senghore. Rapidly becoming a hot new outlet for house music, international talent Inland Knights and Swirl People would follow suit and release material on the label.

After three years of success at Panhandle, Jonene cut ties with the label and relocated to San Diego. Looking to take a fresh and different direction, he began working on two new outlets for his musical vision; a lounge that would provide a new venue for house music, and his solo imprint for funky new material, Safe In Sound Music, which he launched in December 2001. After a breif stint in Southern California, Jonene returned to his home city of San Francisco in late 2003.

\"I did most, if not all, the music selection for Panhandle. I am going to be bringing that same sound and vibe to this label,\" he says. \" But I will venture into some deeper music as well. It is not going to be all floor-filling, 2 AM music.\"

With only six releases to its credit, the fledgling label already has a hit record: the track \"Dem Bitz,\" collaboration between Jonene and Senghore that has earned widespread radio play. The popular track has been licensed twice: by East Coast Boogiemen for their 2001 mixed CD \"Live at M3,\" and by DJ Sneak for his 2001 mixed CD \"DJ Sneak\'s Ju Ju Beats.\"

In 2004 Jonene will divide his time between his efforts with Safe In Sound Music, the newly revamped and an extensive touring in North America, Asia, South Africa, Europe, Australia and Mexico. In 2004 Stompy will be relaunching its website with a score of new talented Djs added to the Stompy family, a new record label titled, Stompy Sounds and a digital download section titled, Disko-tek. Within the site, Disko-Tek will feature all the latest dancemusic from your favorite DJs and producers, which can be downloaded for a small fee. will also include all the past sets from your favorite Stompy DJs over the years, and will be available streaming on StoMP3y Radio.

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★Sun City Hustlers★
(Tango Recordings,Blockhead,Phobic,Flapjack,Greenhouse,Ph oto,Kolour,Homesick,Flatpack Traxx,Digi Funk,Shak Digital,Native Soul,Privat Box)

Since 2006, Anthony Garcia & John Pridgen (aka the Sun City Hustlers) have been shaking things up in the house music scene.They have established themselves into two of Texas\' most respected and sought after producers and dj\'s. Already having done numerous original releases/remixes for international house labels such as: Tango,Blockhead,Greenhouse,Kolour,and Flapjack (just to name a few),SCH are by no means ready to slow down!Whenever they are not in the studio, you can hear them playing in various clubs all across Texas,New Mexico,Mexico and Louisiana.

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★Dj Q★

Coming into his 23rd year as a DJ, Quincy’s musical journey began in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Intrigued by Electronic Music of the 80’s Quincy began buying records of some of his favorite artists not knowing that being a DJ would be in his future. One day a friend was mixing in his headphones and he asked, “what are you doing?”. The guy explained that he was “mixing” and challenged him to try but there was a catch, he couldn’t come out of the room until he did it right. To this day Quincy still tells everyone he is metaphorically still in that room...

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(Dallas TX / Juiced Music / H.A.R.D)

Originally from Indiana, but now calling Dallas home, J. Caprice has emerged as one of the most exciting producers and DJ\'s on the international house music front! A seasoned vet behind the decks, J. Caprice has been spinning since 1996 and has gone on to share the decks with the biggest names in the game,performing all over the country in cities such as Miami, Chicago, Milwaukee,Indianapolis, Houston, Portland, Lexington, Kansas City, Denver & Omaha. He has gone on to string together an impressive list of full EP releases on labels such as Midwest Hustle, Dustpan, Native Soul, Big Wheel, Union, 6th Sense,Kinjo, & Gourmand as well as numerous remix projects and one off sampler tracks. In 2008, J teamed up with good friend and fellow DJ/producer 4peace and formed the tandem known to the world as High Maintenance, adding even more labels to his stable such as Digi Funk, Junky Trunk, Shak Digital, Hu Hu, Ficus Tree, Greenhouse, Serial Sickness, Illuminati, and Cotopaxi! As both J. Caprice and part of High Maintenance, he has had his music charted by the likes of Jason Hodges, Smokingroove, Mes, & Tommy Largo and has seen several tracks climb into top 100 record store charts. When he isn\'t out rocking dancefloors or in the studio making beats, you can find J. Caprice helping to co-run the label Juiced Music which has quickly established itself as one of the most successful and respected labels in underground house having scored a multitude of chart topping hits on nearly every release by artists such as Wattie Green, South Of Roosevelt, Jeff Service, JR From Dallas, and Scrubfish, as well as his own project label Home Again Recordings Digital (H.A.R.D.)! As if that wasn\'t enough, you can also catch his highly touted mix show, \"J. Caprice - Live @ Juiced Studios\",
which airs every Friday. from 5-7pm CDT on WWW.CHICAGOHOUSEFM.COM
sponsored by . In a business where most artists are a here today,gone tomorrow act, J. Caprice is quickly proving he\'s here to stay for the long haul. With a sound that continues to mature with each release, there is no telling how bright his star will eventually shine!

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Brian “Preach” Baldridge started playing the drums in 4th grade, discovering he already had natural rhythm. It wasn\'t until 1998 when his best friend moved to Chicago that he discovered house music that would change his life. His friend would send mix tapes back home for him as house was not easy to find in the small town of Claremore, Oklahoma. This was when raves and huge warehouse parties were gaining momentum as house music venues. After getting his hands on a tape from one of Chicago’s best disco house djs of the time, he immediately fell in love with disco house and knew that was his calling.
As soon as his friend returned from Chicago, they went down to the record shop to purchase a set of tables and a mixer. Neither had a single clue what they were doing. They just had to get more of this music into their lives. Preach picked up a few records at random, got a quick “howto” lesson from the record shop owner, and headed to his bedroom. He started mixing the 3
records back and forth for countless hours, teaching himself how to make his mixes seamless and energetic. He later teamed up with a local late night club owner who ran an afterhours
party in an old abandoned fire station. Thus began his career as a dj. Station 2 was the place
where Preach discovered that house music was alive in more people then he could have ever

After building a reputation at Station 2, he got offers to play all over town doing private parties,
clubs, and raves. His talent on the decks took him to places like Florida, New Mexico, and
Chicago. Along the way Preach continued to refine his skills while playing with many other
talented djs. From them he learned firsthand the history of house and how far it has come from its origins in Chicago and New York.Now calling Dallas his home, Preach is still involved in the dance scene. His style of music
allowed him to be exposed to many different types of music lovers. From deep house to electro and everything in between, there is no telling what he is going to mix in next. Preach has also taken his love for the music to the airwaves as he and a tight knit group of friends founded C:H:C (Crazy Hour Crew) and started an all electronic music podcast that has rapidly gained listeners and allowed him to reach a much larger audience.After 10+ years of listening, learning and mixing; it is still only the beginning. It is Peach’s mission to give back to the house music community what it has given to him: a positive,energetic, and carefree attitude. Make sure you are around each time Preach gets a chance to give back on the dance floor.

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★Big Rich★
( Academy/Quadbeats)

As an experienced entrepreneur in House,Hip Hop,Funk,Underground Disco and Electro music, Ricardo ‘Big Rich’ Sandoval has established himself as one of the hardest working DJ’s in the business. Coming from the scenes of San Antonio, Texas, Big Rich has become well versed in a wide variety of genres and styles of Electronic Dance Music. First starting his career in 1997, Rich solely pushed himself to learn and network within the EDM community. His persistence and desire has made himself recognized as one of the most talented and creative DJs in Texas. Aiming to bring what his fans want to hear, Big Rich knows exactly how to get the crowd moving and grooving on the dance floor. He is well known for his devotion to the industry, himself, his fans, and other talented DJs. With great desires to share his mad mixing skills with others, Big Rich intends to be heard across the world and is making this happen through his continuous hard work.

Going on for two years now, Big Rich has been hosting his very own weekly Friday afternoon radio show, Friday Funkadelic, that can be heard from all over the world on Chicago House FM ( Chicago House FM, established in 2007, is the home of over 25 different radio shows brought to you by a number of professional, house-devoted DJs from all areas of the world such as the US, UK, Canada, Scotland, South Africa, Norway, Belgium, Serbia, South Korea, Switzerland and more. Big Rich aspires to travel to new and unfamiliar places to achieve one thing and one thing only: to make his fans and music lovers in general dance their hearts out to his massive sounds.

Big Rich found a great affection for sharing his knowledge of mixing on the decks. Realizing how his experience and work could positively affect people, Big Rich began teaching people of all ages how to mix music at a local music school. Dub Academy ( is one of the first music schools of it\'s kind in Texas that is dedicated to teaching others how to DJ and/or Produce. Talking about his job at Dub Academy Big Rich explained, “What I enjoy the most about teaching others how to DJ is seeing the reaction on their face when they finally get it.” While being a well-known and appreciated solo DJ, Rich has opened up for and played alongside many famous, A-List DJs and has also partnered numerous times with many other well-known Texas DJs to play two by four/tag team sets. Adding to his list of work, Rich has recently started a two by four team, ‘Mazchingon’ with his long-time comrade, KeeQue of San Antonio. Any person that meets Rich will immediately see his passion for the music industry and it is without a doubt that this DJ will go far and reach incredible heights. Follow DJ Big Rich on Twitter, Facebook, or Google + to see when and where he will be playing next!

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★Off Da Clock★
(Aka Chris Cortinas *::1/2 of Late Night Hustle::* (1/3rd of Funkstruk), Austin Texas)
The music of Off Da Clock comes from the idea of being a free entity. Which intels not working for the man and just doing what he was meant to do in this life. Make Music/Play Music/Eat,Sleep,Shit Music. Sharing this idea with the world, one party at a time.

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★Christian Barbuto★

Australia’s Christian Barbuto is an international ambassador of electronic music in every sense of the word. Hailing from his native Sydney, Christian’s musical origins are deeply seeded in his family’s background in jazz, manifesting in Christian’s marathon deep house and mushroom jazz sets early in his career. He was later influenced significantly by the exploding dance music scene throughout Europe where he cycled professionally. It was in the house music scene of San Francisco that his teeth were cut, as he shared the decks with the likes of DJ Dan, Charles Feelgood, Mark Farina, Jeno, Doc Martin, and the Wicked crew. Now a creator and purveyor of his own unique sound, a masterful cocktail of intellectual techno and groovy tech house, Christian has set his sights most recently upon building the scene in his home city of Austin, Texas, a rapidly growing and evolving community of electronic music, by way of the establishment of, a collective of like-minded deejays, producers, and promoters dedicated to the proliferation of the cause. Never before has any American city seen such a blistering onset of passion for techno, minimal, house, tech house, and all related subgenres. As a result of his hard work, Christian has been at the forefront of entertainment, splitting time behind the turntables with Umek (Ljubljana), Konrad Black (Berlin), Mark Knight (Toolroom, UK), Pezzner (Freerange, Om, Seattle), JT Donaldson (Om, SF), M.In (Frankfurt), Alland Byallo (Berlin/San Francisco), at major proprietary parties such as Bas_Mrkt, The Dark Side, Abstrakt, and Werk It, as well as large-scale events like SXSW, Nocturnal, and AUM. His vision of cultivating and growing a thriving dance music scene has become a reality.

As if promoting and djing 150 events per year were not enough, Christian still finds time to spend inside the studio working on his collaborative productions with Luis Ramirez aka Daelo, as well as Lonnie Burnside aka Keine Moniker. His first official release will be made available to the public during the first few months of 2012. To follow his live sets, find him here:

for daily Austin event coverage!

Group page


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★Paz Joaquin★
(Low Budget Recordings)

Bio Coming Soon


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★Rob Nelson★

Developing his sound and experimentation of mixing music came early on in his career. Hip Hop was fresh and revived at the end of the 1980\'s. A new sound had just started taking the nation by storm, Hip House. Early influences include Tyree Cooper, Fast Eddie, Jungle Jorge, Mr. Lee to more cutting edge grooves like Dr. Baker, Quadriphonia, Maurice and Lil Louis. Rob started his career as the school dj in 1991 and frequently played house and park parties all over South Texas. He was the resident DJ @ La Concha in Reynosa, Mexico in 1994 thru 1996 and was the first resident @ Austin St. Inn in McAllen, Texas. He soon transplanted to Austin, Texas where he started involving himself in bringing world class Dj\'s with Audiotripp, Low Budget and Homegrown Roma Soul. It wasn\'t long before his ear for music caught the attention from locals and promoters from across the state. He held down multiple residencies in Austin, including INTO DEEP, a legendary weekly with Chris Specht and Bother Miles, ORBIT LOUNGE Saturdays with D:FUSE, and SABA LOUNGE 2004-2005. Keeping the local vibe alive has always been important to Rob. A natural with picking ot the jems, he started working at what was once a staple in underground Austin, ALIEN RECORDS. A record pimp, house music buyer and customer service extrordinare, Rob found his home. Now a vinyl junkie, house music of all types lover, and just plain wicked behind the decks. Rob\'s signature sound? Music thats multidimensional. Tracky, twisted, filthy funk. A sound that seamlessly breaks barriers of house and techno is not only natural to Rob, but a classic interpretation of what makes him stand out from most.

Music is very personal to me. I am an avid record collector and vinyl junkie. Any one can dj, but not anyone can do it right. Im not in it to be put on a;pedestal, but because i love music. Music loves me.

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★Dj Keeque★

Pulling the entire state out to the dancefloor by the ears, KeeQue is truly one of Central and South Texas\' most sought after talents. As the one of the founders and the frontman of and a featured regional headlining artist, KeeQue has become a fixture at numerous major events in every major metropolitan area of Texas

Since 1999, his appearances range from massives such as the Texas Zenfest 2, Future Fest 1, Mega Buzz, Once in a Blue Moon to intimate afterhours at South Padre Island\'s Spring Break after hours insanity. His resume includes playing in front of thousands of revelers dancing in unison in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and The Rio Grande Valley. KeeQue also has opened for an impressive lineup of world class talent such as Paul Van Dyk, Mark Farina, BT, DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, Felix Da Housecat, Frankie Bones, Frankie Chan, Paul Anthony, Freaky Flow and MC Flipside, Superstar DJ Keoki, Nigel Richards, skylab2000, Micro, Richard Vission, Darude, Alex Peace, Monk of Rabbit in the Moon and many more.

Not only on the big stage is he in demand but on the radio as well as he resided on 97.7 RPM RADIO, San Antonio from January through July of 2002 and a weekly radio mixshow on his college radio station, KTAI 91.1FM for 3 years. KeeQue has had guest spots on Dallas Radio 89.3 KNON, KVRX 91.3 FM in Austin, KTSW 89.9 FM in San Marcos. Currently, KeeQue also holds a residency on internet radio station KQUE-Euphoric Fusion Radio,

With his funk infused groove of house, KeeQue brings the crowd to a frenzy and takes them safely home when the ride is done.


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★Dj Chacho★

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★Kaycee Paul★
(Quadbeat Productions)
Bring me back to the FunkY times! Dj Kaycee Paul rewinds those toe-tapping beats and plays a variety of what you want to hear now and what you miss from the good ole’ days. He started Djing in the Houston scene while working as a promoter for DanceJunkies and has been known to play a variety of sounds from Funky House to Classic Trance, Electro to Fidget Anthems. He credits Stacy Kidd, Charles Feelgood, Tony De Vitt, Derrick Carter and Boy George among his favorite artists and say they keep his feet moving. He has opened for such great acts as Dj Irene, Dj Dan, Will Bailey, Stacy Kidd, Charles Feelgood, and Mix Master Mike to name a few. Dj Kaycee Paul currently runs Quadbeat Productions ( in Austin with his 3 best friends and they feature local Texas talent at events across the USA!. Be aware be prepared to step back and enjoy the classics as well as the new stuff that makes both you and Dj Kaycee Paul move. In this day and age, who trusts a dj who can’t dance to his own selections?

This Event Will Be Aired Live On




Showcase Starts At 5 Pm To 2 Am!

Where? : The Geisha Room 5 Th And Congress Ave

When MARCH 16 th 2012

Big Thanks To The Geisha Room,Dub Academy,Quadbeats Productions & Jeff Weiskittel!!!!!