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Thread: summerize and l.a. riot video's

  1. #1 summerize and l.a. riot video's 
    hey guys, sorry for the late video editing. i been working alot at my job and i barely had time to do these two video's from may and june events. but let me get on with it.

    here the l.a. riot show that happen in late may. i decided to do this video for vivid sound entertainment since the dj of l.a. riot couldn't make it due of the sickness from eating raw sushi (his agent told me the story at euphoria music fest). but the guys decided to do a free at this event and man it was good event and i had alil fun but had to leave because i was getting sick too from the heat stress. so here the video and if you like it, hit the like button on the video.

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    now to the other video

    this video i had a hard time to do. i didn't get many great footage but made it good enough to enjoy and had a good time at this event and also learn something the same time. never leave home without a camera cloth because that place was soo dusty to the point i had to take my wide lens apart so many time to wipe and clean my lens when i had to that a shoot of the dj with the lights which you might notice threw out the mainstage area of the footage. but i was able to do this shout. but i enjoy the video and comment,like, and hit the like button on the video.

    and again i wanted to say i am sorry i took so long to do the video. i didn't have that much time to edit the two video's due of work which getting me to the point i am not able to attend most of the events that is happen in austin and houston area but soon i will threw out the fall season. right now i am trying something new but i have to put that on hold as soon i get my stuff together for my other projects i wanna finish. but if ya wanna keep up to date on my video's then subscribe to my channel here at youtube: or my vimeo account at (which soon i will start uploading some video's that is currently on my youtube account). until then enjoy the video's. peace out!!!!!!
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