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Thread: EDC Texas might happen after all

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    If you recall back in February, Insomniac Events CEO Pasquale Rotella announced that then Electric Daisy Carnival would be making a return to the Lone Star State. Though no date or other info was given at the time, the announcement started speculation as to what city and venue would host the event. Yesterday Rotella took some time to answer questions via Twitter, where he addressed the seemingly forgotten EDC Texas.

    To reiterate what was stated, EDC Texas is down to apparently two unnamed venues. But Rotella seems less than certain the festival will come to fruition, as he mentions challenges and difficulties in finding the right venue. The positive that is taken from this is that EDC Texas is still very much a possibility. The only question that remains is where these two mysterious venues are located? Though Texas is a giant-sized state it basically comes down to three possibly cities. Dallas/Ft. Worth as it has the the best venues for this massive event and is pretty centrally located so it would attract attendees from surrounding major cities and bordering states. Austin, is the states capital and plays host to Austin City Limits and SxSW so it has the venues, size, and enthusiasm of is people to pull it off. The final possible, yet much less likely city is El Paso. Its two biggest downsides are lack of venues, and its distance from other major cities (it sits on the far West Texas edge bordering New Mexico and Mexico) would be out of the way for the majority of the Texas/Southern U.S. population. Its positives are that El Paso has garnered a reputation from tons of DJs as being notoriously rowdy, loud, and enthusiastic. Kaskade even dubbed it “The loudest city in the world”.

    For now, we can only sit back and patiently wait to hear which Lone Star State will play host to EDC Texas, or if it will even happen at all.
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    if it does, i just hope to see one or more hard dance and hardcore artist at this event.
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