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Thread: Mini-massives in downtown Austin, anyone?

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    Do you guys remember when Davinci would have three rooms of DJs at Karma Lounge? Or when Mad Hatter’s Tea Party took place at Sky Lounge? I might be looking to bring a bigger EDM party downtown to a city center that doesn’t really do the big EDM nights anymore; BUT, would you guys still be interested? Would you be OK with something ravey yet with a few of the downtown dudebros trickling in?

    I realize RealMusic events is doing an OK job at booking solid acts for Kingdom and Republic Live and definitely am not looking to compete with that; but I might be looking to do something different: get a multilevel club booked for a night of PLUR-type funs with a headliner or two but mostly local talent.

    Just an interest check; Let me know!
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    Man, it's dead in here. :/ Whelp, if you have an interest or think this is a dumb idea, or you want to help out, hit me up.
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    Yeah, sorry Justin, site is pretty much dead except for a few diehards that still come by :-/

    Sounds like a cool idea tho! Would be nice to have some more options for events

    Do hope things work out, keep us in the loop!
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