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Thread: Another Shameless Plug.... o_O

  1. #1 Another Shameless Plug.... o_O 
    Phat Beatz
    (February 25)

    I didn't know where else to post this to grab people's attention...

    \\: -Warning... Incoming shameless plug at 12:00- ://

    As soon as you have the chance, check this party out in the SA Events Section. I just had to plug this, because I did the flyer for the party and I'm totally syked out about it... so proud of my work... and I think it's the best flyer I've done so far. And get this....

    Introducing in his premiering performance, your's truly will be opening the party...
    • Zu Luz (9:00-10:00pm)

      ALSO: Special, HI-INTENSITY, Freehand Glowstick performance by Zu Luz

    <font size=-2>"Blasted with ecstasy; O, woe is me" - Ophelia of Hamlet</font>
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    Flyer looks good. I like the art.

    Big ups to Kurley!!
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