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    need to come visit me in georgia this summer
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    How about you come TDY and see us!
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    I don't get vacation with my job or I would the benefits are teh suck here.
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    i wonder how the parties are in ATL

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    -Bob Marley

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    if you want to know about ATL parties check out


    I'm one state over from georgia but i dont make it to many parties up there anymore. good times though...thats where i first went raving.

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    Sweet....I would love to go to GA 2 visit ya both. I think Savannah is beautiful. Do you live near there?
    Keep the vibe alive...
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    i'm in alabama but im from georgia, columbus actually. savannah is awsome. i used to go there once a year to visit my friend at SCAD (art school). had some fun times there.

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    im actually in only real shot at coming back to sa is if I get hometown recruiting then i will be back for about 2 weeks
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    YOU PEOPLE!!! What do you mean by YOU PEOPLE hehehe
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    exactly what i said YOU PEOPLE do i need to start naming names
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    I used to live in savannah. plus thats a LONG drive!
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    i did the drive in 19 hours
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    but i am sooooooooo worth the trip lol
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