If you have ever seen Def Jam Poetry on HBO (saturday nights), Well this is it's brother in San Antonio! Nothing diff. except Mos Def not hosting.

Only 2$ for some intense Slam in your face talk about what ever topics!!!

If you would like to speak arrive before 10:30 to submit you're work of 3 orginal, no props, costumes, etc. Just words! 3 just in case you're worth listening too.

Sams Burger Joint-Broadway & Josehine-2$ Draft & Kamikazi-10:45-till well depends how many poets arrive, & how HOT the crowed gets!!! & Never a dull nigtht!!! There is still a place in this town that lets people here your Soul, or for who you are & with great appriciation.

Just GO!!! leave the beats at home for a Night!!!