Anybody that went to the “Making Waves” party will remember the sound and lighting that was inside the Brew Haus, provided by Natural Konsepts of Austin.

Well, the same Natural Konsepts Crew and EPS Productions is having another Broadway Brew HAUS PARTY! Friday, May 20, 2005.

Our dear friend DJ Jeff Mochko is getting married in June and this is a a bachelor and bachelorette party to celebrate his wedding with Nikki.

It’s gonna be a freakin’ blast!

It’s free to get in. Those of you with extra cash are welcome to make a $2.00 donation for us to pay for the U-Haul, storage and gas it takes to bring such a great sound & lighting system from Austin.

It’s officially 21 and up but if you have that one under-aged straggler in the group, they can come but not drink. They will card at the bar but not at the door.

Everyone on Teknosounds is invited.

Boycott DJ Micro.

Why pay to see poor mixing of boring tech house, when you could listen to descent mixing of fun progressive house and breaks for free.

The homemade flyers...

If you want an idea of the type of music you can expect, Download this.

PS. The following night at the same venue will feature a gathering of DCS DJ’s and clan. Please Support the Locals.