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Thread: Pics from Victor Dinaire~~~~ 11-25-05

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    I had a GReAT time at this event. i didn't know what to expect. Matthew Dunn, the former owner of the warehouse this took place at, told me he ripped it up at industry cafe but it had to be HEARD to be believed.t he man had some solid mixing. it took me back to the days of the massive, before I got involved. HAHA it was that powerful of mixing..very solid...and it was pounding trance but not too hard..nothing approaching hard house thank god..anyway here are some pics

    you can check out the rest here
    Victor Dinaire

    Our MK ULTRA fun boy Scott. I love him for bringing the radio shows back where djs spin and electronic dance music is played on Fridays



    Matthew Dunn

    my favorite pic of the night

    they had these light panels that corresponded to the EQS! really cool shit!! advanced even!! 1

    the crowd was a little sparse, but it got more interesting as the night went along. i felt priviledged to be able to listen to victor. He was such a good sport !!
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    Wow, Matthew did a great job. Hope to come to Houston to check it out sometime.

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