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    Yeah, I know about plush, I have been going there for about 2 years now, I just havent been out of the house much since last year when I moved to georgetown, plus i got laid off and got my car impounded. Sounds like shit, but I like to think of it as a good reason to sit on my computer and make music for the time of the day I'm not working. I thank you guys for your support for local texas producers. You guys have seen me at plush b4, you probably just didnt see me as I was deep into the heart of the dance circles toward the back of the club( breaking, popping, liquiding are also a major love of mine). Im working on getting some of my tracks online right now, it just hard because I only have dial up and I live so far away from my friends in austin. If I could pass a CD to somebody at plush maybe on a tuesday or mambo k's on weds, maybe they could upload them if they have cable or DSL. Im not from tx originally, but I feel like I have a place here in austin, not ony because its the local music capital of the world, but I believe the forefront of the american DNB scene. Ive heard alot of the local artists tracks at plush, and I have been diggin it all. To answer a previous question, we make many different kinds of DnB...techy stuff, dark stuff, jazz/blues DnB, ragga, evol intent style glitch amen shit, slower old skool bass roll outs, the list gos on and on. Plus I personally like to mess around with slower hip hop type beats with nasty DnB bass. We have many different influences and we like to express thack with our tracks. Check back here in the next couple of days, I should have posted the location of some of my shit. Peace
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    its late and im high and shit, I accedently replied to the Looking for austin DnB producers thread I had created by posting a whole new thread. i apologize and realize my stupidity. thank you for even more of your time :P
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