whats up everybody, heres my newest demo i recorded 2 weeks ago on www.xstaticradio.net it starts off with some techno, then moves into hard/nrg trance, then it works its way to driving and epic trance. ENJOY and please leave a comment and let me know what you think!



1.Olivier Giacomotto - Darko Barko (Audio Assault Records)
2.Olivier Giacomotto - Technorumba (Ying Yang)
3.Digital Kid & Danny B - Infektious (Infekted)
4.Olivier Giacomotto - No Respect (Audio Assault Records)
5.Dead Beat - Still Thinkin (Riot! Recordings)
6.Digital Kid - Spinnin Djs (Infekted)
7.James Xavier - Look Into the Mirror (Club Concrete)
8.D.A.V.E. the Drummer & Chris Liberator - Bomb in Your Ass (Stay Up Forever)
9.Cortez & York - Darkness (Hardtimez)
10.Spider & Marc van Bekkum - One (2 Play)
11.Dj Precision & Terry Bones - Another Situation (Somatic Sense)
12.Clokx - Tibet (Liquid Recordings)
13.Ronski Speed W/ Stoneface & Terminal - Icognition (Euphonic)